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    I only wanted to go through the posting procedure once so I posted pics of some parts I make on my turret lathe that I want to start making on my 1AB and 1AC machines. Thanks

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    Hello Rowdyw, How to make this part in 37 ways! Ha.

    Your part is not a complex one. Would be easier to do part bar and chuck the other side. If lot sizes were huge the part could fall off complete.
    If lot sizes are smaller 1K and under the setup could be simpler to chuck/slug the threaded ends.

    Here is one way that I would make this part:

    Form the non-threaded end with front cross slide
    I would use a dovetail HSS form tool. Form tool
    would face,chamfer both end and shoulder and form
    the OD.

    Feed out to turret stop

    Cut off part with cutoff slide. Make a bunch of slugs.

    Setup 1AC to do:

    Station one: form end to be threaded complete all
    corner breaks and OD to correct size.

    Station two: Cut threads self opening die head.

    Now set up for tapped end of part:

    Station three: Step drill for tap size/and ID chamfer. Chamfer OD with Rear cross slide.

    Station four: Tap threads

    Station Five is empty if you don't want to use or buy a step drill. You could use one station to Chamfer ID and one station to drill to tap size. You could have your step drill made undersize and ream in the extra station if you are particular with hole size.(I think I did see a counterbore on the tapped end. May have to get a step drill anyway.)

    This method could be reversed doing the threaded ends on the bar machine and hand chucking in one
    station the non threaded end.

    The advantage of using the first method is your
    1AB could be over there making one ended blanks
    and you could easily setup and teardown for other bar work.

    Your 1AC could be comitted to the other ends of these parts Machine could stay setup and you could run whichever end at your leisure. The 1AC's are very user friendly. You could hire someone to feed the 1AC and press cycle start.

    To have the part fall off complete:

    Station one: Form for OD threads Front Cross Slide

    Station two: Die Cut Threads

    Station three: Feed out to turret stop

    Station four: Form rear cross slide non threaded

    Station five: Cut off

    Tooling could be reversed on cross slides and you
    could cutoff and form for thread in the same station.

    Now you tear down this setup for OD threads and
    setup for the ID form drill and tap etc.

    Sounds like fun doesn't it!!

    I have also made parts like this by doing complete sluggging. Contract someone with an automatic saw. Pay them to cut the rough lengths
    you need, and chuck both sides. One operator two
    AC machines.

    I'm sure there are others out there with different ideas for you part on AC/AB's. These methods have worked for me.

    can't help you with the milling though. I've been allergic to all milling for about 15 years!

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    Good Going, Will!

    Great to see your Good Ideas!

    As I've said before, you're a real Wizzard!



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