Yes this Part was done on an OAC!
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    Hello out there, I'm not Alumni but am a W&S AC/AB type of thinking, (OAC Preferred) And am enjoying reading the post in this forum. Thanks to all and my friend Bill Gent. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    This particular part was made complete on an OAC
    Chucker converted to a bar machine. My pictures are not that clear but one can see the operations
    performed [img]smile.gif[/img]

    The raw stock is 5/8" 360 Brass. The part is formed, threaded (9/16-28 TPI) has a two step thru hole and is cut-off. Pretty General Machining.

    The part also has a 1/4" cross-drilled hole and a 1/8"slot connecting to the hole.

    The part did a simple function as a turn and lock
    pull pin cartidge.

    It did not take a genius to make this part on an OAC/"conversion model" machine. But it did take some doing.

    This post should start some of you thinking and I do welcome questions and will answer.

    I would hope that persons new to the manufacturing sector may see what can be done with what is called "Old
    Tech,out of date,non qualified, and other terms that have been used to describe my mode of thinking!!


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