Wiring Dual voltage machine from 460 to 240
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    Default Wiring Dual voltage machine from 460 to 240

    I don't see a way to add pictures. Maybe because I just registered??

    I've scoured the archives for a few days and think it's time to ask for help. Can someone please help me rewire a large dual head sander from 460 to 230?
    The previous owner placed a 460 volt sticker over the 230 volt nameplate on the machine itself. The sander was bought at auction and I have no contact with previous owner. I can buy a step up transformer if absolutely necessary but of course would like to save the money.

    Motors are as follows:
    30 hp 230- 460v 12 wire start wye and run delta.
    25 hp 230-460v 12 wire start wye and run delta
    These motors are each connected to 6 lead wires each from the motor contactors.
    12 motor wires labeled u1 and u2, v1 v 2, w1 w2, x1 x2, y1 y2, z1 z2.
    Machine leads to motor are u, v, w, and x, y, z.
    Machine I believe is from Taiwan.

    Question 1: do the 6 machine feed wires get connected to make 3 feed wires and then wire in Delta run?? If there is a way to use the soft start wye I would prefer that because I'm running this machine off a 30 hp phase converter and planning to start another large 20 hp machine as an idler to strengthen the phase converter.

    There are 2 motor contactors per motor. The side of contactor says "200-240v 10hp, and 400-600v 30hp".
    Question 2: i dont know if these are factory or if the motor contactors were replaced when the machine was wired for 460, will they still work for 230 volt wiring?

    The feed motor is 3 hp and very easy to rewire to 230.

    Question 3: there is a transformer with smaller wires I assume is for other electrical components with 230, 460 tabs (currently wire goes to 460) on one side and 110, 230 (currently wire goes to 230) on the other side. Im assuming to switch the 460 tab to 230 but do I switch the wire 220 volt tab to 110?

    Thanks in advance

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