What is a CNC Spindle? | As the Spindle Turns

November 3, 2021 10:04 am


Welcome to the first episode of our new YouTube series: As The Spindle Turns with Motor City Spindle Repair.

This series, As the Spindle Turns, is going to cover literally all things spindle repair, and most importantly the role of a machine shop in that repair process. From requalifying a component to machining a completely new one, to learning the ins ands out of spindle repair and maintenance, As The Spindle Turns with Motor City is the place to learn it all.

In episode 1, Ted Ladzinski of Motor City Spindle Repair is going to cover the following topics:

1:01 Spindle components
4:40 Industries that are using spindles and the products they’re manufacturing
8:02 Different types of spindles
12:49 The most popular machine tools using CNC spindles.

Let us know in the comments any topics you want to see covered on our new series As the Spindle Turns. Have any questions? Drop them below! Stay tuned for more videos!


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