HOW to Machine a KNOB PART Plus Second Chance Stories | Breaking The Cycle

August 24, 2022 2:36 pm

Today John is going to machine a knob part on the lathe and will be using 6 tools to get the job done! Tune in to follow John through the machining process.

John, a Senior member of Rise Up Industries’ CNC Machine Operating Apprenticeship Program. John has a job lined up with S&S Carbides that will come directly after his graduation.

“My goal is to keep learning, changing and growing and to kick out the best production and the best parts.”

Tune in at minute (19:25) to hear John talk with Rene, one of Rise Up’s newest members, about why they decided to pursue CNC Machining as a career path and what they hope to give back to the industry.

Breaking the Cycle features shop projects and candid second chance stories from Rise Up Industries in San Diego. A fully functioning machine shop, Rise Up Industries recognizes the increasing labor shortage in the manufacturing industry and believes the solution lies in training and hiring individuals with criminal records.

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