Challenges in Mold Making

August 10, 2022 12:25 pm


Getting jobs you’re not stoked about but tackling it anyway. In this video both Steve and Ethan from Zero Tolerance present some of their steepest challenges and their fool proof secrets for facing challenging custom jobs.

From dealing with extremely thin and long workpieces to aligning those fragile features, this video will cover the following:

• Explanation of square electrode with over 5,000 tiny features to burn
• Cutting that electrode, burning that electrode, and explaining why this was a challenge
• Trouble experienced in injection molding due to finish on an aluminum mold that caused the parts to stick (sand blast)
• Explaining what happened during sand blasting and how it was fixed so the mold would run properly and make good parts
• How Ethan came up with a way to wire EDM small blades without warping or bending of the thin pieces
• Ethan explaining how to program the wire machine to achieve results that you may not have known were possible in your machine settings – exploring capabilities of your machines and trying new things instead of being afraid to take the leap

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