Combining 3 Types of EDM | Learn to Burn

September 1, 2021 11:06 am


Steve Michon, from Zero Tolerance LLC, demonstrates how they combined fast hole, wire EDM and sinker EDM to create ribs on a mold part.

Adding ribs to plastic parts is one of the most common uses of injection molding. These features are typically very small and because of that, one of the most efficient ways to create them is by “burning” the mold since such tiny areas cannot be reached with cutters.

In this video, Steve discusses electrode ribs, the tools used to burn the ribs, and showcases how they design electrodes ribs, cut them, and burn them.

Time stamps:
1:59 Introduction to combining the fast hole, wire EDM and sinker EDM processes.
3:55 Fitting insert into wired pocket
4:59 Pulling, designing, and programming electrodes.
10:22 Electrode cutting a cluster of ribs
11:00 How your sparks should sound!
11:17 A programming mistake
11:45 A precision fit of combined EDM processes.
13:27 Underwater clip showcasing efficiency of cluster burning ribs.
16:46 Examples of ribbing in plastic parts
18:44 Bloopers!

Stay tuned for next month’s episode!

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