EDM Fixturing 101

June 13, 2022 2:25 pm


From an 8 station custom fixture to the classic V-block, Steve walks through the myriad fixture options on the market and shares the method to Zero Tolerance’s fixturing madness. Waste stock for save time? Steve shares perspective and tips about selecting the right fixture that has helped him build a successful EDM business.

Off the shelf tooling or fixturing doesn’t work for every job and that’s where custom fixtures come in. Tiny intricate design will call for custom tooling and fixtures, like mini V-block that holds 17 thou.

See the topics covered below:

  • 8 station electrode milling fixture
  • unique vector burn electrode
  • designing a vector burn electrode
  • completed vector burn
  • older versions of EDM tooling
  • slotted electrode holders
  • extension fixtures
  • 90 extension and slotted holder
  • sub gate fixture
  • custom fixtures (mini v block)
  • custom made horn pin hole fixture
  • importance of EDM tooling
  • bloopers

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