EDM Goes FISHING! Creating a Fishing Lure with EDM

July 13, 2022 12:11 pm

What do electrical discharge machining and fishing have in common? Lures! Let’s take a look at how to program and machine molds for fishing baits.

If you are a passionate fisher, you are likely to be familiar with lizard-looking fishing lures. Besides being a great tool to fish basses, fishing baits are also a great way to test the capabilities of EDM shops. In this new episode of Learn to Burn, Steve and the crew from Zero Tolerance walk us through the whole process, from programming the electrode, all the way to using the bait to fish a couple of basses.

See the topics discussed in the video below:

  • Designing and 3D-printing the lure prototype
  • Electrode design
  • Electrode milling
  • Prepping the mold
  • Burning the mold
  • Challenges burning aluminum
  • Overburn settings
  • Molding lures
  • Let’s go fishing

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