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July 19, 2021 10:51 am


Zero Tolerance LLC shows how to harness the power of fast whole and wire EDM to solve a problem in their molding department. Fast hole and wire EDM are two powerful tools often used in the EDM department. Fast hole is typically used to machine extremely precise holes in the mold block while wire EDM is used to machine features on parts or molds that require extremely tight tolerances. In this video, Steve Michon from Zero Tolerance LLC, shows how they cleverly used fast hole and wire EDM to machine holes and pins designed to hold aluminum parts in a mold block.

0:44 Problem and solution: how to retain the insert in the mold block? Enter: fast hole and wire EDM
2:13 Overview of the part design
2:41 Technical explanation of fast hole technology
7:34 Fast hole set up and execution
10:44 Wire EDM set up
11:23 Technical explanation of wire EDM
12:55 Programming and wiring the holes on the mold block
13:55 Programming and wiring the ejector spring pins
15:43 Limitations of wire EDM
17:50 Wire EDM fluids
19:23 Bloopers

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