How to Approach EDM Fixturing

January 4, 2023 4:42 pm


Having the right approach to fixturing can be a game changer in the shop. Here’s how Steve from Zero Tolerance LLC approaches it.

Fixturing is not just about identifying the best way to secure the workpiece to the machine. It’s a mindset. Shops that do it right, often achieve greater efficiencies, save precious time and minimize human error. This is especially true in cases where parts go through different types of machining processes and need to be transferred from one machine tool to another quickly and safely. In this episode of Everything EDM – Learn to Burn, Steve explains how they approach fixturing at Zero Tolerance LLC and provides a couple of examples of fixturing strategies that allowed them to save time. Steve showcases how their fixturing thought process always starts from the CAD model and stresses the importance of finding a fixturing system that you can trust and that will work in your shop.

What’s your approach to fixturing? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments!

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