How to Burn Challenging Features | Learn to burn

September 15, 2021 3:14 pm


Just because features are simple doesn’t mean they are easy to machine. In this episode of Learn to Burn, EDM expert Steve Michon introduces tips and tricks for burning challenging features.

The simple, but challenging features covered in this video are as follows: making an electrode, along with machining vector burns and sub gates. The time stamps are as follows…

0:48 Building an electrode on a Bridgeport mill
4:07 Tricks to create a square shaped burn
7:17 Creating the square burn by 2 staging the electrode
7:57 Orbiting techniques
9:03 Orbit patterns in action!
9:25 Halfway point of the orbiting process
10:10 Final product of square with sharp corners
11:26 The design process of a challenging job that required very sharp corners
13:55 Check out that design example live on the machine
14:33 A low cost solution to vector burn sub gates
16:00 Sub gate tooling
17:04 Burning a sub gate in a block with a vector burn
18:39 Underwater footage of vector burn
18:56 Complete sub gate

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