Wire EDM - Practical Setups and Applications | Learn to Burn

December 13, 2021 2:19 pm


Get insider tips and tricks to simplify and improve your Wire EDM setups and operations. In this video you’ll learn more about practical wire EDM applications from Steve at Zero Tolerance.

Time Stamps:
00:33 Most basic wire EDM setup
01:34 Maintenance check on lower head
01:41 Tips and details about the basic setup using a wire vise
03:00 Unique trick for a quick setup that works for multiple wire EDM applications
03:46 3R setup and live example in application
06:20 3D printed stainless steel slide for a mold
07:55 Footage of 3D printed stainless steel undergoing Wire EDM
08:39 Final product
08:55 Simulation of wire EDM process and teeth features in programming
10:32 Footage of teeth feature during wire operation
11:20 Flushing and why it’s so important
13:00 Development of four inserts in programming and then in action!
14:44 Different wire EDM applications

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