10 G-codes You Must Know

June 16, 2022 11:21 am


Here are the 10 basic g-codes that are used in every program, what they do and how we use them. In this video you will also learn what different terms associated with these codes really means. All brought to you by Marc from GCodeTutor.

Codes provided:

  • G00 – Rapid travel
  • G01 – Linear Interpolation
  • G02 or G2 + G03 or G3 – Clockwise radius
  • G90 – Absolute
  • G91 – Incremental
  • G81 Standard Drilling Cycle
  • G80 – Cancels any cycle
  • G53 – Datums
  • G28 – Back to tool change position

G-Code is a programming language that is used in numerically controlled (NC) machine tools to tell the tool exactly how to move and cut.

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