Basic CNC Machining Safety Tips

February 15, 2023 3:06 pm

After reading some bad advice online recently, Marc from G Code Tutor made this video to explain some basic safety advice.

We start off by looking at the different types of gloves we should use and when. Of course, wearing gloves in the machine shop is often bad advice. especially when working with rotating parts. We should only wear gloves during certain operations.

He talks about the dangers of working on machines with long hair and how to remain safe.

One of Marc’s biggest fears when reading advice online is that often people are told to remove interlocks from CNC machine doors to enable faster setup times and easier operations. This is extremely dangerous advice and should never be done. It is always possible to set up any part without removing safety devices from the machine tool.

Misuse of blowguns and airlines can be a fatal mistake. Marc talks about how to use them safely. Our ears can be permanently damaged very easily if we are not careful when doing certain operations within the machine shop. not just the operator, but also people working close by. we should always look after both our hearing and eyes when working.

These are just a few basic tips to ensure you have both a safe and long career without sustaining an injury that can be easily preventable.

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