CNC Lathe Programming: Facing Off a Part with G-Code

April 3, 2024 8:31 am


Welcome back to our series on programming a complete part using G-Code on a CNC Lathe! In this episode, Marc from  @GCodeTutor  leads us through the crucial facing sequence, following the parting off process. Marc demonstrates the efficient reuse of tools from previous operations, saving valuable setup time. Whether it’s the roughing tool from the G71 roughing sequence or a dedicated facing tool, Marc emphasizes the practicality of tool recycling. During the demonstration, Marc explains the spindle direction setup using M03 for clockwise rotation, highlighting the consideration for CNC lathes where tools are often mounted upside down. In such cases, M04 is used to rotate the spindle in the opposite direction, ensuring proper tool engagement. In addition to practical tips, Marc addresses the optimal use of G01 with a higher feed rate over G00 rapid travel when cutting air using small moves. This approach avoids unnecessary stress on the machine, promoting its longevity. Furthermore, Marc showcases the importance of back cutting a small chamfer to create a break edge, facilitating burr removal and reducing post-processing time. For those fortunate enough to have a deburring department, this extra block of code will be greatly appreciated. As always, Marc stresses the importance of caution when utilizing G-Code programs found online, as machine variations necessitate careful adaptation. His teachings focus on a generic version of G-Code, easily customizable by referencing your machine’s programming manual. Stay tuned for more insightful tutorials and practical tips on mastering G-Code programming for CNC lathes. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to stay updated with our latest content!

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