CNC Macro Programming - Conditional Statements

February 10, 2021 4:13 pm


Let’s take a look at how to use conditional statements when CNC programming using with G-code macros.

Conditional statements in CNC programming are used when we want to compare two values and act upon the results.

A typical program where we might use a conditional statement would look like this:

IF [#200 EQ 5] GOTO 310

The statement above tells the CNC machine to go to line 310 (GOTO 310) that if the variable #200 is equal to 5 (our conditional statement) or go to line 20 if the conditional statement is not true.

In order to work, conditional expressions must be enclosed within square brackets, and compare two operands (such as a # variable or a number) through a comparison operator.

The example above shows the comparison operator EQ (equal to). Other common comparison operators are:
NE = Not equal to
GT = Greater than
LT = Less than
GE = Greater or equal to
LE = Less than or equal to

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