G-Code Text Editors: Four Options Compared

July 17, 2020 9:47 am


If you need to edit your G-code off the machine, there are many free text editors that you can use. Marc Cronin, from G-Code Tutor, helped us find the best one.

It is not uncommon for CNC programmers to edit G-code off the machine using a text editor on a computer. While Notepad + provides the basic functions needed to edit your code, it doesn’t format the code as some other text editors do. Let’s take a look at some other free text editors that include more formatting options for G-code programmers.


 This is an upgrade from the standard Notepad + available on all PCs. It contains a lot more useful features for programmers. For example, it allows you to change the format of the text to match your programming language. While G-code is not included in the language library, it can be easily downloaded online and installed.


Although this is a very good text editor, it is the only editor out of the four compared in the video that doesn’t format the G-code.

Visual Studio Code

 VS Code offers a lot of different G-code formatters, from the specific ones for mills or lathes to the more generic ones. This editor is also highly customizable. 


Just as the other editors reviewed, Brackets allows programmers to download and install G-code extensions.

To learn more about G-code editing or improve your programming skills visit Gcodetutor.com.

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