How to Hand Program a Bushing on a CNC Lathe PART 4

February 22, 2023 1:01 pm

In this video, Marc from GCodeTutor continues writing a program for a bush using G-Code on a CNC lathe.

This time, drilling operations.

We start off by writing a program to center drill our part. line by line, g-code by g-code is explained and he explains exactly what he is doing and why as he writes the sequence.

The second part of this video shows how we can use the same code to write a peck drilling cycle using G83 with only changing a few lines of code.

To save time when programming, we can re-use parts of our program by copying and pasting and then editing operations that we have already written. By doing this we can write a program very quickly, much faster than it would take by using CAD/CAM. Just one of the reasons all machine operators and programmers should have a full understanding of programming with G-Code.

To learn more about G-Code programming, head over to Marc’s website where he has many courses teaching this subject.

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