How to Hand Program a Bushing on a CNC Lathe - PART 5

March 31, 2023 9:31 am

So far in this series, Marc from GCodeTutor has shown us one way we program roughing turning, finish turning using a subroutine, point-to-point drilling and peck drilling.

In this video, he is back with a step-by-step tutorial on programming a boring operation with G-Code.

There are a few things that can catch us out when boring. The main confusion for people new to g-code programming is calculating the points on a chamfer. Marc explains how he approaches a 45-degree edge braking chamfer and how to plot the points with the X axis moving double the distance as the Z axis to achieve the correct angle.

The full boring sequence is also explained, line by line.

Please note, each machine is different and there are many versions of G-Code. Because of this, it is never recommended to copy code and expect it to work. The code in these lessons is based on a generic version of G-Code for tuition purposes and should not be copied into your machine and be expected to work.

To learn more about G-Code programming, head over to Marc’s website where he has many courses teaching this subject. Stay tuned for more #machining videos!

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