How to Write Finish Boring Sequences with G-code

May 1, 2024 12:07 pm

In the final video of this series where Marc from G Code Tutor programs a complete part using G-Code on a CNC lathe. Marc shows us how to write a finish bore sequence and how to calculate the start position when turning 45-degree angles.

Marc starts off by moving the boring bar to the start position of the internal 45-degree chamfer.

As we have some clearance before we start turning the chamfer, we need to add that distance to our calculations. Marc shows us how we plot these points by using some simple math. You can learn more about machine shop math with a math course provided by Marc, found here:

Once we have calculated the points needed to machine the chamfer, we continue with the rest of the program. Each line is explained as we write them until the program is complete.

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