Multiple Repetitive Cycles EXPLAINED

September 30, 2020 7:26 pm

Need to remove as much material as possible? Enter MULTIPLE REPETITIVE CYCLES. We took a look at each one of them with @G-Code Tutor to learn how to use them correctly.

Multiple repetitive cycles are used like roughing cycles to remove as much material as possible in the shortest amount of time. Although sometimes associated with canned cycles, repetitive cycles have a completely different function.

Canned cycles are typically used to do the same action over and over, such as drilling holes, whereas with repetitive cycles we decide the shape and let the machine “choose” how to remove the material in the most efficient way.

The following are all examples of multiple repetitive cycles:

  •  G70 Finish turning
  • G71 Roughing cycle
  •  G72 Facing cycle
  • G73 Pattern repeating cycle

In the video, Marc discusses the details of each of these cycles, explaining what type of information we need to include when writing the program to make sure the operation is executed correctly once the machine starts reading the code. To learn more about G-code or improve your programming skills visit

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