G-Code Screw Thread Tips

August 22, 2022 11:46 am


In this video, Marc from GCodeTutor talks about how to program screw threads with G-Code.

He starts by discussing in depth how we program with the G76 two-line screw thread cycle, covering each word that is used and what they all mean.

The G76 also has a single-line version that some machines use to produce a thread. Marc also shows us how we write a program to use this method.

Next, we look at how to machine an internal thread and how it is different from an external thread in regards to writing the G-Code.

Left-handed threads often catch people out when it comes to writing the program, Marc shows us what we need to change to our G76 program to turn a left-handed thread instead of a right-handed one.

Finally, we are shown how to use G32 and G92 methods of screw cutting and why we would use them instead of the standard G76.

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