Setting the Datum on a CNC Machine

February 22, 2021 3:54 pm


@G-Code Tutor explores a few different ways to set the datum on a CNC machine and also how to define datum within our CNC program.

Before we start running our program we have to tell the machine where the material is, and where we wish the origin of our dimensions to be. CNC machines generally have quite a lot of datums we can use. The most commonly used codes to define and set datums are typically G10, G53, G54, G55, G56, G57, G58 and G59. Let’s take a look at these commands to understand when to use them within your CNC program.

The G10 command is used to tell the machine the distance to the work datum position from the machine datum.

The G53 command switches the datum origin to that of the machine datum. This position is rarely changed and is often the same position as the tool change position, but not always.

G54, G55, G56, G57, G58 and G59 are datum shift G-Codes. This series of commands tell the CNC control which datum we are using. Once the machine reads one of these codes it will continue to work from this position until a new one is called upon.

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