Writing Parting Off Sequences with G-Code on CNC Lathes

March 27, 2024 9:14 am

Using constant cutting speed, a G50 speed clamp must be used so the spindle does not reach dangerous speeds as the tool approaches the centerline of the part.

Marc likes to rapid in using two lines of code instead of one. This does not affect the cycle times by more than a few milliseconds but does help with running the first part safely. By using this method, we can see the tool approach the material when in single block and without going too close to the material. If the tool is not set up correctly, we can see this before anything bad will happen.

As we continue to use point-to-point G01 to part off, Marc explains why he rapids the X-axis out of the way first before returning to the machine datum. If the tip broke during the parting off procedure and the part is still attached to the stock bar, the parting blade will break. As always, keeping things as safe as possible within our programs is our main priority.

Remember that G-Code can vary between machines. The code in these videos should only be used for reference and not typed into your machine and expected to work without issues. Marc teaches a generic version of G-Code that can be easily adapted to your machine after a quick reference of the machine’s programming manual.

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