How to Hand Program a Bushing on a CNC Lathe - PART 6: Parting Off

April 19, 2023 2:02 pm

In the next part of our programming a bush series, Marc from G-Code Tutor talks us through writing a full sequence of G-Code to part off.

He starts by writing the set-up lines that put our machine into a safe state. By doing this, it enables us to stop the program mid-sequence and safely start up from the beginning of any other sequence.

Next, he shows up how to apply constant surface cutting speed and adds a speed clamp to stop the machine’s RPMS going too fast as the cutter approaches the center line of the part.

The rest of the point-to-point G-Code is plotted to control our parting-off tool and remove our part from the stock material.

To learn more about programming G-Code, head over to Stay tuned for more machining videos!

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