Is This The Best Solution to Engrave Electrodes?

April 12, 2023 3:31 pm

In today’s episode, Steve from Zero Tolerance explores how to tackle a difficult issue: machining really tiny features of a logo into an electrode to show on their customers’ plastic parts.

To demonstrate how to overcome this challenge, Steve uses a microscope to show the size of the cutters they typically use to mill features so small and how easily they can break. He then tests a laser to engrave electrodes and shows you how you can create tiny features on them with great precision.

They then cover how to laser engrave an electrode and even how to reverse the engraving to stand proud if needed. They also perform test burns with different sizes to show you how versatile the laser is for creating intricate designs and logos.

Whether you’re an aspiring machine shop owner or an experienced CNC machinist, this video will provide valuable insights on using a laser to engrave tiny features on electrodes.

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