Circular Pocket Milling Tips

November 30, 2020 11:16 am


What’s the most efficient way to program a circular pocket milling operation on a CNC mill? In this video tutorial, we take a look at a couple of options.

Circular pocket milling is an operation that entails cutting a circular shaped pocket on a workpiece. The most traditional way to get the job done is by running a G12 or G13 cycle.
These two G-codes mill circular shapes. They are different only in that G12 uses a clockwise direction and G13 uses a counterclockwise direction.

As Brian Warren, division chair of industrial technology at Meridian Community College, explains in the video, G13 is typically preferred when programming a CNC machine due to their horsepower while G12 is rarely used.
In the video tutorial, Brian and his students show how to manually program the pocket milling cycle from start to finish on a Haas VF4SS, including how to probe the part, and then explain why this process is not always the most efficient way to get it done.

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