Crush Dressing, an Old Die Grinder, and a Tractor Shaft

December 24, 2021 2:10 pm


Derrick did it again, accepted a project when maybe he should have said no.

He needs to rework a shaft for a tractor. Why? Because the owner can’t find a replacement part. That’s the role of a machinist, using creativity to troubleshoot problems that most people can not solve.

The shaft is Rockwell 57 so milling isn’t an option. Derrick is going to have to grind it using an old dividing head.

The indicating is done, now he has to figure out to dress the part to achieve a good profile as there is a good amount of unsupported material.

Choices are as follows:
1. Form dressing
2. Form crushing

Sit back and see how this one goes!


This video was brought to you in collaboration with instructor Derrick Hogan of North Georgia Technical College. Learn more about North Georgia Technical College and their machining related programs here.

This video is part of our video series: ” LEARNING FROM THE PROS”! We are collaborating with educators from technical schools around the country to provide you with tips and tricks, educational videos, and machining technology insights that will help you become a better machinist and learn something new about our beloved metalworking trade.

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