How to Rebuild a Vise

December 7, 2021 9:00 am

When was the last time you had to pull your vise apart to inspect the components? In this “LEARNING FROM THE PROS” episode, Matt Schmelzer from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College guides us through the process.

Matt does a great job explaining the steps required to disassemble and reassemble a vise and why they’re important, as well as sharing helpful tips and techniques to make it easier for you.

To take apart and rebuild a vise, you’ll need the following tools:
set of hex keys
– ratchet with the correct hex socket
– scribe point
– hammer and chisel
– deadbolt hammer

What did you think of this episode? And do you have any additional tips and techniques for disassembling and reassembling a vise? Let us know in the comments! Stay tuned for more videos! 

Learn more about the manufacturing programs at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College here.

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