How to Set Up a Grind-All V-Block Fixture to Finish Your Part

October 28, 2020 9:00 am


CNC technology instructor Derrick Hogan explains how to make a part using a Harig Grind-All No.1 precision v-block fixture and shares some valuable advice.

The Grind-All v-block grinding fixture, typically referred to as a whirligig, is a versatile fixture that allows machinist and tool&die makes to do a lot of different operations. In this video, Derrick demonstrates how to set up and use the fixture to precision grind the features of a semi-finished part and turn it into the final product.

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Learn more about Harig Grind-All No.1 precision v-block fixture here.

This video is part of our new video series: “LEARNING FROM THE PROS”! We are collaborating with educators from the most advanced technical schools around the country to provide you with tips and tricks, educational videos, and machining technology insights that will help you become a better machinist and learn something new about our beloved metalworking trade.

This project, presented is part of the North Georgia Technical College’s tool&die program.

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