Introduction to CNC Lathe Programming

December 4, 2020 2:04 pm


Whether you are just getting started with CNC lathe programming or need a refresher, this video covers all the basics. Join us as we attend a class at Meridian Community College.

Brian Warren, division chair of industrial technology at Meridian Community College, allowed us to attend one of his classes at the Gene Haas Advanced Manufacturing Center. During this session about CNC lathe programming, Brian explained some of the main concepts, gave an overview of the most important G-codes and shows an example of how to program a single part. Here’s what you’ll learn during the session:

0:00 Introduction to CNC tool room lathe programming
5:36 Lathe specific G-codes and information
6:39 G50 – Spindle speed clamp
7:28 G96 and G97 – Constant surface speed on/off
10:46 G70 and G71 – Finish turning and rough turning canned cycles
12:52 U and W incremental values
13:09 G1, G2, & G3
13:43 Common alarms
16:10 Program example from Haas manual
23:35 Programming exercise

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This project is part of the Meridian Community College’s program. To learn more about the precision machining engineering technology program at Meridian Community College and their Gene Haas Advanced Manufacturing Center, click here.

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