Machining the Perfect Hole | Different Methods Compared!

April 23, 2021 1:32 pm


What’s the best way to machine a perfectly round hole? Should you bore it? Should you CNC machine it? Let’s find out!

So you got a blueprint given to you. The part on the blueprint features a hole with tight shape requirements. What would be the best method to achieve the perfect roundness? Is it ok to just drill it? Should you drill it and rim it? Should you drill it and bore it? Or should you do it on a CNC mill? Derrick Hogan, CNC technology instructor at North Georgia Technical College, answered the question for us.
In this video, he machined the same hole using different methods, analyzed the roundness of each hole using a CMM, and then compared the results.

Which method do you think was the most accurate? Let us know in the comments.

Learn more about North Georgia Technical College here. 


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