Marking a Metal Part | Benchwork & Layout Operations

May 28, 2021 3:05 pm


Brian Warren, division chair of industrial technology, at Meridian Community College, teaches his student how to correctly execute layout operations.

Manually machined workpieces often require benchwork and layout operations. Layout is the process of marking a workpiece prior to cutting in order to have a visual guideline during cutting operations. Benchwork includes various cutting processes that machinists complete by hand rather than on a machine when creating part features that require less power and force. In this video, Brian Warren assists one of the program freshmen while he practices his workpiece layout skill in preparation for the NIMS job planning, benchwork, and layout test.

Tools used:

This video is part of our new video series: ” LEARNING FROM THE PROS”! We are collaborating with educators from the most advanced technical schools around the country to provide you with tips and tricks, educational videos, and machining technology insights that will help you become a better machinist and learn something new about our beloved metalworking trade.

This project is part of the Meridian Community College’s program. To learn more about the precision machining engineering technology program at Meridian Community College and their Gene Haas Advanced Manufacturing Center.

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