Tramming the Head on a Milling Machine

July 21, 2021 2:54 pm


Matt Schmelzer from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College is here today to show you exactly how to tram the head on a milling machine. Here’s how to align the tool head so that it is completely square to the table. Today’s demonstration will be showcased on the vertical turret mill.

1:10 The tools you’ll need to accomplish the job
2:00 Adjusting the tilt of the tool head
3:36 Adjusting the rotation of the tool head
5:12 Aligning the table to the quill with a combination square
7:17 Using a plunger indicator and tramming ring to ensure the alignment is precise.
12:21 Now that you’re head is perfectly trammed, tighten up the machine to secure the alignment in place!
14:20 Don’t have a plunging indicator? Here’s how to accomplish the process with a travel indicator and magnetic base.

Here are the tools you’ll need to successfully tram the head on a milling machine:


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