Episode 31: Acceptable Shop Behavior How to Know When it's Time to Move On?

September 1, 2021 1:16 pm


In this new episode of Machine Shop Talk, Ian discusses some popular topics he found on the Practical Machinist forum.

For the first question, Ian adds his two cents to a forum thread discussing whether or not violence is acceptable in the machine shop. It seemed the older folks on the forum argued that there is in fact a place for violence in the shop. Ian remarks that this is completely unacceptable behavior and is intolerable in his shop. There are much more professional ways to work through challenges that do not involve harassment or bad behavior.

The second forum thread Ian addresses is a discussion about how to know when it’s time to move on from your place of work. There are many reasons it may be right for you to move on, but how are you supposed to know? What signs should you look for? The general consensus of the Practical Machinist members on this thread, and Ian agrees with them, was that it isn’t complicated. If it is right, your gut will tell you.

You can join these conversations on the forum by using the links below:

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