Episode 51: Do You Really Have a Grip on Your Machining Business?

June 1, 2022 4:59 pm


“It takes the emotion out of it, it’s not how you FEEL things are going on the shop floor, you KNOW how things are going on the shop floor.”

Ian doesn’t have an ERP system and has candidly expressed the idea of bringing one to Lakewood Machine has been intimidating. And he is not the only one. Concerns about setup and implementation, to whether your shop would benefit from a shop management software, are common among small and medium shops’ owners.
To shed some light on the topic and answer some of the most common questions about ERP, in this special episode of Machine Shop Talk, Ian is joined by Andy Damm, Vice President of Tri-K Machining an experienced ERP user, and Brian Proulx, Director of Sales Engineering at ECI Software Solutions.

During the conversation, Andy shares practical examples and anecdotes, about the experience of Tri-K Machining employees during the implementation of ECI’s JobBOSS². For example, was this job profitable? Do you know how to capture costs? How are you tracking outside services? Think about all the manpower it took to track or locate a part. All of which can be done quickly with an ERP. Think about the time saved and how that time can be better used.
We know the common sentiment, “Everyone’s busy, and you want me to do additional work?” Andy shares the perspective he brings forward to Tri-K employees: “This is an investment in your time.”

Following Andy, Ian wraps up with Brian to learn more about ECI Software Solutions ERP solutions for small and medium shops.


This special episode of Machine Shop Talk was brought to you by ECI Software Solutions.
ECI Software Solutions provides complete industry-specific ERP software that makes doing business easier for small and medium-sized shops.
To find out more about ECI’s metalworking-specific ERP software and learn how it can help your shop gain real-time operational visibility to drive business growth, visit their website here.

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