Episode #26: Things to Consider Before Quoting a Job

June 16, 2021 2:39 pm


In this episode of Machine Shop Talk, Ian Sandusky talks about his quoting process and provides some valuable tips.

It’s always a good feeling to have RFQs coming through the door but there are many things to consider before accepting the job. Ian will take you through his pre quoting process, step by step, so you feel more prepared when it’s time to quote.

The first step is identifying whether or not the job is the right fit. That means diving into the customer’s design requirements and specifications to see if it is compatible with your shops operations.
The next step is evaluating material availability and costing. This may seem obvious, but Ian has a couple tips you should keep in mind – you’d be surprised how easily this step can get messed up.
The third step recommended by Ian is reviewing features and feasibility. Sometimes customers don’t know what they are asking for when they send you drawings. Make sure you establish that all design features are necessary in the drawing. If you have any doubts, Ian encourages you to double check with the customer.
Lastly, outline the production journey so there are no surprises. It will be subject to change, but it is a great spot to start. And before you get machining, you’ll want to check that you have all the right tooling.

Cover these bases and your quoting process is sure to be a smooth one.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experience with job quoting in the comments and stay tuned for more machining videos!

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