Episode 34: Finding Jobs in the Metalworking Industry

December 3, 2021 5:42 pm

The good news is it’s a great time to get into the metalworking trade… Demand is going up and wages are going up. Here are different tips that will help you increase your chances of being hired in the machining and metalworking trade.

These days, you shouldn’t be waiting until you have an opening to hire, if skill comes your way… grab it.

Practical Machinist is determined to better connect skill to jobs. That’s why we are launching a job board. Are you looking to hire or be hired? Check out the Practical Machinist job board at jobs.practicalmachinist.com.

Time stamps:

0:43 Brief history and background of the skills gap

3:31 Different paths to get into machining

3:59 Trade School

4:53 Apprenticeships and their importance

6:24 Certifications (will depend on where you are located in the world)

7:14 Get involved in associated areas i.e. engineering, computer programming, mill wright and more

8:00 Diversify your skill set

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