Episode 7: From Machining to Shop Management

July 17, 2020 10:23 am


Transitioning from a machining to a management position is not an easy step. If you are considering the move, here’s some valuable advice…

It’s not uncommon for machinists who worked in the trade for long enough to come to a point where transitioning to a management role within the machine shop seems almost inevitable. Although this change of career should be completely intentional and thought through if you are good enough at your job and possess the necessary leadership skills, chances are that you’ll be promoted to a managerial position, whether you want it or not. Becoming a manager in the machining industry is a very difficult role. It comes with a completely new set of challenges and problems, much different from the typical challenges that you would face on the shop floor. A good way to approach this change of career is to make the mental decision to embrace the transition and work towards learning the skills necessary to become a good machine shop manager.

Familiarizing with all the skills related to management, such as accounting, tax filing, scheduling, before you actually transition is to management is extremely beneficial as a big chunk of your job will be dedicated to taking care of these duties. If approach the right way, however, the transition to the management role can be extremely rewarding and allow you to achieve much more than you could possibly achieve on the shop floor.

To learn more about what it takes to make the transition and hear what other machinists think about this topic, check out the following thread on the Practical Machinist forum.

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