Episode 47: How to Deal with Coworkers with Toxic Attitude

April 20, 2022 11:03 am


Incredibly skilled machinist with an absolutely toxic attitude. What do you do? Is there someone in your shop who makes fantastic parts, but is moody and has a chip on their shoulder more times that not? This is a common issue, but is NOT something to be ignored.

Toxic individuals affect everyone around them. From a purely economical standpoint, this is bad for your machining business! Ian has dealt with toxic employees and lost great employees because of it. Prioritizing a positive work environment is imperative.

In this video Ian highlights different scenarios, shares personal experiences with toxic employees, and offers recommendations to handle this difficult situation.

Let’s say you do all the steps to make this toxic situation better and it STILL doesn’t work…then what? Well, Ian would rather let them go. As a machine shop owner, Ian will not sacrifice a positive and healthy work environment for talent. And neither should you.

What has been your experience with toxic employees or coworkers, and how did you navigate it? Or maybe you’re dealing with a toxic coworker/employee now, share what’s going on in the comments below.

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  • Louis says:

    As a machinist instructor we have worked hard to bring women into the program because we need to expand the numbers and diversity in our trade. We have placed a number of very talented women in some great high-paying jobs with great benefits. The employers were extremely happy with the quality of their work. The problem came from other employees with their attitude towards women in the trade. You know the level of harassment has to be high when these emplyees are walking away from 100K a year jobs. What’s worse is some have even left the trade. How do other shop owners make all of their workforce feel comfortable in the workplace?

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