Episode 57: How to Leave a Shop the Right Way

July 29, 2022 10:03 am


You’ve been with a company for a decade, and you’re undeniably vital to the proper functioning of the company – but you know deep down that it’s time for you to leave.

This is an unfortunate situation to be in, but happens all too frequently – so what is the solution?

Today, Ian Sandusky from Lakewood Machine & Tool is diving back into the Practical Machinist forums to answer a question posed by a member facing this predicament.

If you find yourself in these shoes, Ian highlights the following advice:
1) Do your best to find alternative employment BEFORE giving your notice
2) Stay on to train a replacement ONLY if you want to, and give a FIRM deadline for an exit date
3) COMMUNICATE. You never know what may really be going on, and it can give you the information to make a decision you feel comfortable with

Have you ever been in this situation? What advice would YOU give to the poster? Let us know in the comments below!

This video was inspired by a thread on the Practical Machinist forum. Grab it here. 
Ian Sandusky
Lakewood Machine and Tool
[email protected]
(905) 853-6194

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1 Comment

  • Davis B says:

    When your an Electronic Technician, of near Engineering status,….you’ve made a few company patents,…your also a damned good Machinist and therefore make Many Mechanical Engineers and
    their incompetent Managers look like the turkeys THEY are,…..then it’s certainly ” TIME TO GO,”
    and in particular when your Manager is affraid of you because of your competences in getting any
    job DONE-RIGHT the first time,….and of course YOUR also making your Manager looking like
    another Turkey,….then again it’s time to GO.
    Lastly, when your Manager sicks a few Mechanical and Electronic Engineers to ” Watch-YOU,”
    performing the correct Mechanical Machine moves, on a real Milling machine, which produces
    Test Fixtures, which your Company cannot LIVE-WITHOUT,….because another lying worker told
    your Manager that THEY didn’t think YOU were getting your JOB done,….then it’s again,……….
    ” TIME TO GO ! ” Multi-Skilled workers are often to be pushed out first,….because they are the ones that often times cannot be kicked out of a Company the easiest and may also take with them
    many skills and the physical tools by which those skills have to be duplicated when YOU leave !

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