Episode 36: Let's Talk About Soft Jaws

December 6, 2021 9:00 am


Ian Sandusky answers common questions about soft jaws and shows some of the most practical applications of this highly versatile workholding tool.

From explaining their characteristics and advantages to sharing tips and tricks for cutting their profile size, Ian offers great insight and information on all things soft jaws that’ll leave you feeling like an expert on this handy fixturing.

00:20 Intro
00:44 Explaining what soft jaws are and their advantages
01:45 Showing examples of soft jaws
02:11 Soft jaw compared to hard jaw
03:30 Question 1 – Do you cut the soft jaw profiles on size or a little over?
Question 2 – Do you cut relief on the bottom of your profile?
07:53 Question 3 – Can you do more than two items at a time in soft jaws, or what’s the best practice for that?
09:02 Question 4 – Do you use serrated end mills that have a ridge profile to cut your profiles to get more grip out of it?
11:31 Practical soft jaws applications
12:14 Conclusion

How are you all using soft jaws in your shops? And do you have any additional tips and tricks to share? Let us know in the comments!

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