Should I say WHY I am not Quoting

August 25, 2023 11:05 am

No matter how hard you try, every request for quote that crosses your desk is not necessarily going to be a good fit for your shop. When sending a ‘no quote’ back to a potential customer, should you explain WHY you’re passing on the opportunity?

On this episode of Practical Machinist’s MACHINE SHOP TALK, Ian Sandusky from Lakewood Machine is back to address a poster who came on to the SHOP MANAGEMENT subforum seeking guidance on this all-too-common situation. While the answer seems simple – yes, you should always do so – the reasons WHY you should always take the time to reply with as detailed of an explanation as possible proved to be an interesting conversation on the forums. Tune in as we delve into an explore this important facet of running a manufacturing business!

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