Machine Shop Tours: Abom79

December 2, 2020 4:07 pm


@Abom79, one of the most famous machinists on YouTube and a member of Practical Machinist, took us for a tour of his legendary machine and fabrication shop.

You can’t consider yourself a real member of the machining community if you never heard of @Abom79. Abom79, AKA Adam Booth, is a third-generation machinist and fabricator. He started his career working for his father back in 1997, right before graduating from high-school, and kept working in the metalworking industry ever since. As his passion for the machining trade kept growing, Adam worked hard to build and grow the family workshop and turn it into his own machine shop.

Booth Machine Shop, a 1,500 sqf facility located in Pensacola, FL, is filled with unique pieces of machinery, old school toolboxes, welders, grinding machines, and many other tools that Adam uses for heavy-duty, industrial repair jobs and fabrication projects.

Adam’s love and passion for manual machining (he actually never ran a CNC machine tool) led him, over the course of the years, to start and build one of the most successful machining and fab-related YouTube channels featuring almost 1,000 videos.

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