Machine Shop Tours: Abom79

December 2, 2020 4:07 pm


@Abom79, one of the most famous machinists on YouTube and a member of Practical Machinist, took us for a tour of his legendary machine and fabrication shop.

You can’t consider yourself a real member of the machining community if you never heard of @Abom79. Abom79, AKA Adam Booth, is a third-generation machinist and fabricator. He started his career working for his father back in 1997, right before graduating from high-school, and kept working in the metalworking industry ever since. As his passion for the machining trade kept growing, Adam worked hard to build and grow the family workshop and turn it into his own machine shop.

Booth Machine Shop, a 1,500 sqf facility located in Pensacola, FL, is filled with unique pieces of machinery, old school toolboxes, welders, grinding machines, and many other tools that Adam uses for heavy-duty, industrial repair jobs and fabrication projects.

Adam’s love and passion for manual machining (he actually never ran a CNC machine tool) led him, over the course of the years, to start and build one of the most successful machining and fab-related YouTube channels featuring almost 1,000 videos.

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  • Charlie says:

    Booth Machine Shop
    As an old machine analyst, and having worked at Pratt and Whitney for thirty-one years, I have over the years collected some expensive items. I would like to pass these items on to someone that appreciates accuracy and quality. The following items are as follows;
    Webber gage block set (some missing gages), Starrett band saw tension gage, Biax Electric scrapper with all carbide tools in excellent shape, and My Dads (Master tool an die maker) five inch sine bar that was made over one hundred years ago at Billings and Spencer in Hartford Connecticut. I have your address, but not your e-mail address and I would like you to have them so they will be used correctly.
    After Covid-19 gets better I would like to come to Pensacola to see your shop and give the items to you as I my home is in Port Saint Lucie Fl.. Let me know when you will be available.
    Charles Bardons
    [email protected]

  • AK Steel says:

    Adam; I am a fan up in MN. I have gotten in trade for a set of Snap On tool boxes an “old” 10 inch Atlas Tool (Kalamazoo, MI.) lathe that I have fully broken down for cleaning and rebuilding. On the shaft for the chuck it had one ding in it which I was able to lightly file the burr off of. The three bronze bearings for it are toast and I don’t think getting new bearings would be enough to properly get this shaft back into spec. What would you charge for a spray welding job on it? The shaft is maybe 16 inches long; I have not put a tape measure to it, but I have cleaned it up some letting it soak in Evaporust and used a Scotchbrite scrubbing pad on it.

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