From Vintage Lathes to Custom Tools: A Tour of Pierre's Shop

May 25, 2023 11:13 am

Join Pierre, a young and talented French machinist, as he takes you on a tour of his small machine shop. Pierre’s passion for his craft shines through as he showcases his array of machines, tools, and personal projects. Pierre’s dedication to precision machining is evident at every turn, from his trusty lathe, passed down from his granddad to his meticulously maintained milling machine.

He started working on machines at the early age of 13. In his years of experience, he has had the chance to work for multiple shops, but he is currently working at a small machine shop focused on repairs, R&D, prototyping, one-offs, and die-making. In his off time, he works on personal projects at his home shop.

Today, he is a testament to the fact that machining is a universal language. With an engaging mix of personal anecdotes, informative explanations, and glimpses into his projects, this tour provides a unique window into the world of a French machinist.

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