Machine Shop Tours: Lakewood Machine & Tool

August 20, 2020 1:10 pm


Ian Sandusky (@Let’s Machine) took us for a tour around his machine shop, Lakewood Machine & Tool, and showed us his machine tools.

How does the machine shop of a practical machinist look? We are taking you for a tour around the world to discover how metalworkers and job shop owners choose to arrange their workspaces, what type of work they typically do, and what type of machines and tools they use to get their parts done. In this first episode of the job shop tour series, Practical Machinist virtually visited Ian Sandusky, host of Machine Shop Talk on our YouTube channel, to take a peek inside his shop.

Lakewood Machine & Tool is located in Newmarket, ON, and was founded in 1988 by Ian’s father Peter Sandusky. As the shop originally focused mainly on tool and die making, many die equipment is still present and functioning but as CNC gradually took over, the main business focus also shifted towards precision manufacturing of aluminum and steel parts.

Do you want to take Practical Machinist for a tour around your shop? Drop a comment below or get in touch with us via email at [email protected] and we will arrange it! Stay tuned for more machining videos!

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  • Mcclure machine says:

    Nice video, its good to see a shop surviving and doing well.
    If you want to do a video of a totally different kind of shop my door is open.
    I have a 1905 Bullard still.being used.
    Morey Vertical slotter
    Universal boring mill
    Complete manual shop doing medium size repair work.

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