Rebuilding 80,000 lbs. parts! 120,000 ft facility! MMR Shop Tour

April 8, 2022 11:23 am


When you get to see a machining company that’s able to do everything, it’s truly a sight to behold. 120,000 foot machining facility and 5 separate buildings. Master Machine and Repair is able to fill an incredibly wide range of skills. It’s no wonder they’ve become masters of their craft.

Take a look at MMR’s MASSIVE collection of manual machines, grinding machines, CNC machines and gear making machines. They complete so many types of repairs it’s impossible to list them all. Not to mention assembly jobs, rebuilding, reverse engineering and more. This combination of capabilities allows MMR to serve their customers quickly and because of their caliber of capabilities they serve customers across the country.

This is only part one! Part two of the Master Machine and Repair tour will be all about gear making. You’ll have a chance to meet the gear machinists behind it! For now, follow Ian, Wes, DeNae and Kathy for the ultimate tour and let us know what your favorite parts were!

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Phone Number: 708 924 1630

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