Machine Shop Tours: Steed Speed

November 3, 2021 2:46 pm


Steed Speed machine and manufacture exhaust manifolds, but their approach is revolutionary. It happens to be unlike anything else on the market. The 2 halves of the manifold are machined separately and then welded together.

Steed Speed is also a high chip production shop… that’s why they invented a chip removal system so no person has to spend hours cleaning chips. (Learn more below and at minute 10:14). Do chips get stuck to the side or base of your machine cabinet? If so, you’ve gotta check the Chip-A-Wave out.

Tour the space where it all happens! Our host Julie Steed walks us through their 6,000 square foot facility. This shop comes from humble beginnings; it started in a carport. And now, Steed Speed has 10 CNC machines and a robot welder! Julie preaches that you can build anything if you work hard enough.

Time Stamps:
2:47 Welding room
4:07 Grinding and sandblasting room
5:37 Painting room
6:07 Look at the final exhaust manifolds and their trick to safe shipping measures
8:01 Robot welder and custom welding
9:36 Before and after.Pre cut steel blocks to final manifold
10:14 Chip-A-Wave – CNC Chip Removal System
12:39 Necessary dance break… !!

Learn more about the Chip-A-Wave Metal Chip Removal System.  

Learn more about Steed Speed at their website or YouTube channel!

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