Machine Shop Tours: The Machining Center

September 18, 2020 10:28 am

Our machine shop tours continue. Next destination: The Machining Center. Paul Vreugdenhil opened the doors of their big shop and introduced us to their talented machinists.

To use the words of Paul Vreugdenhil, the operations manager at The Machining Center, variety is what characterized the large machining and fabrication shop located in Belleville, ON.

The facility serves a variety of manufacturing sectors and manufactures a large variety of parts in many types of materials. Their machinists and fabricators enjoy working on ferrous and non-ferrous materials and enjoy being challenged to be flexible and use problem-solving skills to be efficient in their work.

The Machining Center is a full-service facility that offers design, including a licensed engineer, right through fabrication, machining, assembly, and installs. Their customers depend on their admin skills to manage their info and to be able to reproduce parts that we previously made even 20-30 years ago.

What really makes The Machining Center is their employees and their ability to using their trade skills to produce any part.

The company is always accepting resumes and willing to add customers (even on single parts or prototype work).

To learn more about the Machining Center, visit their website or follow their popular Instagram pages: The Machining Center & The Fabricating Center

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